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If we are not able to properly assist you, we are glad to refer you to the appropriate legal counsel.

Juan de Jesus Gonzalez, Lawyer, P.A.

With extensive experience in criminal law, Gonzalez prides himself in offering a unique approach when providing counsel.

Criminal law

Juan de Jesus Gonzalez


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We believe having a deep understanding and familiarization is key to providing the best defense.

Having been admitted into several district courts throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, Gonzalez offers counsel for a multitude of clients.

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With over 30 years experience, Gonzalez has been able to establish himself as a dedicated defense lawyer. Gonzalez is adamant about immersing himself in every aspect of the client's contact with the justice system.

We strive to provide the most successful and supportive counsel to all of our clients. We emphasize a strong client-attorney relationship in order to best represent our clients.